Louis Fonsi kenden `m eerlijk gezegd nog niet, maar Daddy Yankee natuurlijk wel. Beide heren slaan de handen ineen en droppen de single DESPACITO. Okay, het is nog hartje winter, maar de sound en de video doen ons bloed kriebelen. Het wordt lente! DESPACITO is ook ontdekt door de Spotify streamers en You Tube viewers onder ons, want deze track vindt stormachtig aftrek. Een top start van 2017 dus voor de Puerto Ricaanse singer-songwriter : “I’ve been doing music for many years now, and sometimes you feel like you have a very powerful song but then you get a slow reaction from the fans. And then there are times when songs surprise you thinking it’s not going to pick up that quick and then it just becomes a hit. You just never know. “Despacito” was a song that from the time I started writing it I felt that its hook was really catchy and powerful, but at the same time very simple. The lyrics are sensual and the beat of the song will make you want to move. That’s what I wanted to create with this song: a fun track that had that Latin feel with a melody that I feel very comfortable singing and that will make people just dance.”



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