Vandaag lanceert Years & Years een verse video! Het gaat om de nieuwe single WORSHIP. Years & Years bestaat uit frontman en keyboard player Olly Alexander, bass gitarist Mikey Goldsworthy en Emre Türkmen op de keyboards. In 2012 verschijnt hun debuutsingle I WISH I KNEW. Met SUNLIGHT (ft. The Magician) behalen ze hun eerste hit in Nederland. Olly Alexander voer de nieuwe video: “When we get the chance to make a video I start by asking myself a bunch of questions – what should it look like? How can we portray the songs meaning in the video? Is there a ‘statement’ I want to express? What am I trying to say and what if it’s misconstrued? I go round and round like this and recently I’ve been questioning nearly everything, asking myself I’m doing enough, if I’m helping at all and what use, if any, do I have as a singer in a band? Honestly, I don’t know the answers to these questions. I can’t pretend I haven’t felt, at times, profoundly discouraged and disheartened. I feel like I won’t ever be able to do enough. So, reality check, I make pop music. This is a video for a pop song. However, the visibility of queer people feels more important to me now than ever.”

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