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Credits: Heinrich Klaffs, Wikipedia

Terug naar 15 oktober 1977! Op deze dag ging de Troetelschijf van Hilversum 3 naar ‘Say it ain’t so Joe’ van Roger Daltrey. Het nummer werd geschreven door Murrayhead en ook door hemzelf uitgebracht. Het was de titelsong van zijn tweede album.  Hij schreef het nummer over gevallen helden. “Say It Ain’t So, Joe” was provoked by a seventies documentary on Richard Nixon prior to his resignation. The presenter was asking the editor of a small town newspaper outside Washington, how, in the face of conclusive evidence and proof, his readers could still show such undying support for the president they elected. The editor likens the situation to a scandal in the twenties, when Joe Jackson, the famous baseball player, was rumoured to have taken a bribe to sink his team in the final of the World series. His fans hung around the stadium chanting “Say it ain’t so Joe”, aldus Murrayhead. 

‘Say it ain’t no’ van Roger Daltrey stond op zijn LP ‘One Of The Boys’. The Who bandlid Keith Moon verzorgde de drums op ´Say It Ain’t So Joe´.

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