Bear’s Den brengt vandaag hun nieuwe single uit. ‘All that you are’ is een sfeervol mooi opgebouwde song, die past zo in de laatste maanden van het jaar.  Bandlid Andrew Davie zegt over nummer: “‘All That You Are’ is a song that was born on Bear’s Den’s first ever tour – The Austin To Boston tour way back in 2012. It’s been a soundcheck jam for so long and feels like an intrinsic part of what Bear’s Den stands for as a band even if it’s been unreleased for so long.” Hij vervolgt: “It’s a song fundamentally about hoping for happiness for someone else even if you can’t be the one that makes them happy. It’s also about not being ashamed about looking for that same happiness for yourself.” Het Britse duo stond eerder o.a. op Pinkpop.

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