Zeventien lentes jong is GAYLE en ze staat op het punt van doorbreken met haar debuut single ‘Abcdefu’. De zangeres is afkomstig uit Nashville en kreeg bij het maken van het nummer hulp van producer Pete Nappi, die eerder werkte met namen als Kesha, Anne Marie, Madison Beer en Illenium. Over hoe ‘Abcdefu’, deze week nieuw in de TIP 40, ontstond, zegt GAYLE:  “I was going through a breakup and I was writing really self-deprecating songs and it was annoying the shit out of my best friend (who is one of my main collaborators). I felt super guilty for the breakup with my ex and as a coping mechanism for my guilt I tried really hard to be a friend to him and stay in his life- I was in a very self-deprecating place. Then I heard through a mutual friends that he was talking shit about me and all my suppressed emotions came RUSHING in. I was pissed that all the effort I put into our relationship and our friendship he turned into such a negative thing, and I was pissed that I waited till he was talking shit about me to let myself be mad??? So then I walked into a session with Sara Davis and Dave Pittenger and said “it’s time”- and thus “abcdefu” was born.”

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