Met “Meant To Be” had Florida Georgia Line dit jaar de eerste Top 40 hit in Nederland te pakken. Dat smaakt naar meer! De band lanceert de video van hun verse country track. Het radiovriendelijke nummer heet “Simple”. Brian Kelley, de ene helft van het duo, meldt over de single: “I think Tyler and I, we both knew and our whole team kind of knew that ‘Simple’ was probably going to be the first single off this next project. We just feel like it’s the next step for FGL. It has a fresh sound and it’s just a good time to put it out. It’s a good time to live simply, and like Tyler said, as much as things can get complicated, when you zoom out and realize how blessed we all are, that we’re all here getting to do this thing, and it’s it’s a mindset too. It’s a lifestyle and a mindset. So we’re excited about ‘Simple,’ it means a lot to us. It’s from the heart.”



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