Deze week nieuw in onze TIP 40 is de single HIT THE ROAD JACK van Throttle. Deze jonge Australische producer is binnen op nummer 36 en is misschien op weg naar een dikke hit met zijn old-school meets new-school track, die we o.a. ook kennen van The Stampeders uit de seventies. Throttle over HIT THE ROSAD JACK: “This record has been a crazy ride. It started about a year ago in my bedroom as a goofy instrumental built around the ‘Hit The Road Jack’ bassline. Browsing the internet as any young man does, I stumbled across an incredible acoustic cover of Ray Charles’ ‘Hit The Road Jack’ on youtube by a guy called Jordan Landers. I reached out and a few months later I ended up in Alabama of all places tracking vocals over my instrumental. It’s my latest single and it’s going off in clubs right now which I’m stoked about!”



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