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“Are you ready for what’s next?” vraagt Mike Peters, frontman van The Alarm. De Britse band brengt vandaag hun nieuwe single uit: ‘Next’. “Words cannot express the joy of leaving hospital after a long stay on the wards, especially when it means you have regained your health,” zegt Peters, verwijzend naar het afgelopen jaar van ziekenhuisbezoeken, chemobehandelingen en een levensbedreigende longontsteking, die veroorzaakt door de terugval van zijn leukemie, die oorspronkelijk in 2005 werd gediagnosticeerd.

Hij schreef de track tijdens zijn behandeling; een staaltje van moed en kracht!  “The lyrics of the song were conceived while I was being treated for a leukaemia relapse and a lung that had filled with blood,” legt Peters uit. “The outcome was uncertain, but the medical and nursing staff did all they could to keep me going and, in fact, were probably the first people to hear what I was working up musically while they did their life saving work. It wasn’t planned, but once the realization hit me that I was going to be in hospital for a long time, I knew I needed my guitar to break the monotony of the isolation. Being able to play music to myself kept me going and I’m convinced that it helped me make the transition back to life.”

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