Nieuwe artiesten vinden steeds sneller de weg naar Hitzound! We hebben de debuut clip voor je van Tee Krispil. De video voor haar single LET IS SLIDE is geproduceerd door Claire en Gizelle van NMTE Productions. Tee meldt ons over LET IT SLIDE: “The track is about fighting inner conflict. It was written in relation to a party setting, but can be applied to anything you battle with. It’s about using your intuition and learning what you need to be the best version of yourself without being too obsessive. I’m a pretty self-fought person which I feel has helped me become really self aware. I’ve used that to make music and find ways to be relatable. It’s always the debate – “get a grip or let it slide?.. keep going or give up? indulge or play it safe?”



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