Een anti-love song is niet het meest gebruikelijke onderwerp om over te zingen…..maar de Zweedse Rhys doet het mooi wel! De nieuwe single van de 20 jarige zangeres heet “No Vacancy” en hoe de lyrics precies in elkaar steken, legt Rhys hier uit:”No vacancy is about a very specific person who had been toying with my emotions for a little too long. Ironically, my current boyfriend. This song is about drawing the line, me or them. Everything is great now, but I would say he was a bit of a player when we started seeing each other. Parts of the text are direct quotes from him, so I think I should thank him for that – he gave me a good song! When I wrote it we were already together and I said ‘Today I will write a song about you, it will be so nice!’ Then I came home and said, ‘yes, I wrote a song about you … but it might not be so nice.'”



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