Paramore dropt de nieuwe video, die gemaakt is in de late 80`s/ early 90`s stijl voor “Caught In The Middle”. De track is geplukt van hun vijfde plaat “After Laughter”. Bijna was dat puike album er niet gekomen: bassist Jeremy Davis stapte in 2015 uit de band. Maar drummer Zac Farro keerde in datzelfde jaar terug en vormt nu samen met Hayley Williams en gitarist Taylor York de band Paramore. Dit heeft Taylor te zeggen over de song, die hij samen met Williams schreef: “There was a lot of darkness writing this record. I had to get away and so I went to the beach in Florida. I drove seven hours. I was gone for two days and I came back more depressed than when I left. I was like, “Man, I shouldn’t have gone alone.” I just had my guitar and I remember writing that riff. That song was actually the first song we recorded on the record.”



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