Fans van Panic! At The Disco kunnen hun hart ophalen: ze zijn terug! Zojuist gaat de spectaculaire video van hun nieuwe single SAY AMEN (SATURDAY NIGHT) in première. Het nummer is de voorbode van het aankomende album “Pray For The Wicked”. Over de groovy-as-hell club banger meldt Brendon Urie: “There may be a sad underlying message, but for the most part, I’m just really taking back my tradition—I’m doing my job. I’m not really religious at all. I mean, you could argue that I am. I don’t know: It’s something about the way I was raised that I can’t knock all of those traditions that I feel so positive about. On this one, I compare myself to the wicked, but do I consider myself wicked, as well? There’s a dichotomy there, for sure.” SAY AMEN check je op onze playlist Brand New.



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