De 23-jarige zanger Max hebben we voor je in de spotlights gezet met zijn nieuwe single. Het nummer heet LIGHTS DOWN LOW en is een samenwerking met Gnash, die we kennen van zijn Top 40 hit I HATE U, I LOVE U. Het nummer is afkomstig van album “Hell`s Kitchen Angel”. Over de clip meldt Max : “Delighted to present the official “Lights Down Low” video feat gnash, my friend Andrea Russett and many more incredible people. This video was almost 6 months in the making and means more to me than any other we’ve ever created thus far. Every detail was crucial. Every moment in the story. We just wanted it to be real. How our lives are really made up of individual flashes in time. Special moments that are unexplainable and intangible yet go by in a flash. Thank you to the entire passionate and incredible team who made the vision come to life. It’s so rare and special to have people you work with really connect. That’s all we hope you do when watching. Feel. Connect. Think.” LIGHTS DOWN LOW is nieuw op de video playlitst van de Duitse editie van muziekzender XITE.


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