“New music coming next week with my friend Mike Yung!” Zo kondigt de nummer 1 DJ van de wereld nieuw zijn nieuwe single “Dreamer” aan. Yung is heel vereerd dat Martin Garrix hem uitkiest om mee samen te gaan werken: “This guy @martingarrix could work with anyone in the world that he wanted. His last song was with Khalid @thegr8khalid Why he chose to work with a 60 year old subway busker like me always confuses me. But through the the kindness and greatness of God he’s put us together and now we have a song coming out. I wouldn’t have made it this far without u guys. Hopefully this will show the record labels I still got what it takes. Martin thank u for the opportunity and I love you man.” De video voor “Dreamer” gaat op 1 november in première.



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