Marian Hill dropt de video van de nieuwe track ‘Like U Do’. Achter Marian Hill gaat het duo Jeremy Lloyd (producer) en zangeres Samantha Gongol schuil. In 2016 brak het duo door met ‘Down’. Deze track werd in Amerika bekroond met platinum. “You have to write bad songs to write good songs,” aldus het duo over hun songwriting. “That’s a crass way of putting it, but not only is songwriting a numbers game (the more songs you write, the more will have a chance of being better), it’s a reactive process.”

Marian Hill vervolgt: “‘like u do’ was written directly in reaction to our getting tired of writing darker, slower songs for several weeks – it felt like a massive breath of fresh air when we finally found it. The beat came together in minutes and soon we went from writer’s block doldrums to bouncing around the studio – when Sam sang the hook for the first time it felt so easy and natural.”



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