De indie pop band Lucius bracht onlangs hun tweede album uit. Titel van de plaat is “Good Grief”. De vijfkoppige formatie bestaat uit Jess Wolfe, Holly Laessig, Dan Molad, Peter Lalish en Andrew Burri. Van de nieuwe plaat lanceert Lucius de nieuwe single GONE INSANE. Uiteraard check je deze track op de nieuwe plaat, die is geproduceerd door Shawn Everett (Weezer, Alabama Shakes). Over de nieuwe clip GOOD INSANE meldt Jess Wolfe : “The video was inspired by a dream I had… Similar to a sequence in The Outer Limits Television show (as first seen in a short snippet of Mrs. Doubtfire). In short, Holly was sitting across from me moving my face, as if it were clay. The idea of perception and illusion and perspective, dysmorphia… All driving me a bit crazy. She took that concept and added to it… a mannequin, a spinning room, and thousands of photographs later with the incredible work of Nathan and Katie Johnson, our vision came to life.”

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