James Blake dropt de video voor zijn nieuwe single ‘I’ll Come Too’. De clip maakte hij samen met Planet Earth’s Matt Meech. Dat levert een wondermooie video op, waarover Meech zegt: “It was an honor to be invited onto the “I’ll Come Too” project. James was keen to make a music video that involved animals in some way. Once I heard the beautiful track, I knew I had to be a part of it. I started my career editing music videos, twenty years ago, and music has always been a big part of my storytelling technique.

I remembered some footage that we didn’t use on Planet Earth II that I thought might be useful. Both birds look quirky, elegant and beautiful, the Albatrosses have an unusual mating dance, which the penguins watch from afar and the mysterious backdrop of the Snares island, off the coast of Southern New Zealand, is a truly unique landscape.” Eerder deze week kwam James Blake voorbij in de TOP 100 Deecade of the 10`s met ‘Limit To Your Love’. Met dit nummer scoort Blake dit decennium op #65.



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