Gisteren heeft JP Saxe zijn gloednieuwe single ‘Hey Stupid, I Love You’ uitgebracht, de eerste track van een nieuw project dat hij later dit jaar met de wereld zal delen. JP Saxe schreef het nummer samen met songwriter en producer Scott Harris en werkte voor de hartverwarmende video samen met regisseuse Lillie Wojcik. Over ‘Hey Stupid, I Love You’ zegt JP: “I’ve recently figured out that when someone asks you for more love, it’s much easier to just give it to them, than to convince them that they don’t need it. Also, after a few songs that feel a lot like who I am alone at 3am at my piano, grueling and emotional, this one feels more like me at 3pm, and it feels like the way I love – rambling and dorky but ultimately sincere. That’s what we wanted the video to feel like, and shooting it with long distance lenses all outside made for a real silly (and sunburnt) day.”

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