De Amerikaanse rockers Incubus komen zes jaar na de plaat “If Not Now, When” met nieuw materiaal! De heren werken aan een nieuwe en achtste plaat met de weinig originele titel “8”. Maar dat zegt niks over de muziek. De video voor hun eerste single NIMBLE BASTARD i zojuist gedropt. Over de single meldt gitarist Mike Eiziger : “This song actually came very late in the process of writing new music for our new album that we have coming out very soon. We’re just about done actually and it just kind of happened in the studio and we were messing around with this musical idea and the next thing we know we had a song. Brandon [Boyd] wrote the lyrics and it’s kind of a narrative about someone who overcomes the harshest of circumstances and always ends up landing on their feet. It’s a really fun and energetic song.”



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