De Amerikaanse band Imagine Dragons is terug in de spotlight met een verse single! Tital van het nummer is GOLD en verschijnt in een remix van Jorgen Odegard. De DJ meldt over zijn remix: “On June 8th at around 1:30 AM I started this remix and was told that I had 48 hours to have it finished and mastered. A four pack of RedBulls, and two cups of coffee later, I ended up finishing the first draft at around 10:00 AM. I sent it off to be approved and then ended up having to mix and master it as soon as possible, so I found the smallest bit of energy I had left and finished at around 4:00 PM. I don’t quite have the eloquence to describe how grateful I am to have had this opportunity, or how excited I was to take on the challenge and succeed, but know that I am overflowing with joy right now.” Het resultaat beluister je als eerste hier bij Hitzound.



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