Héloïse Letisser is terug met nieuwe muziek! We kennen de Française natuurlijk beter als Christine and the Queens. In 2014 brak ze door met het nummer “Christine”. Haar nieuwe single heet “Girlfriend” en is zowel in het Engels als Frans verschenen. “Girlfriend” klinkt lekker dansbaar wat mede te danken is aan Dâm Funk, die eerder heeft samengewerkt met o.a. Snoop Dogg.

Over haar nieuwe single meldt de zangeres: “I initially set out to smash against macho culture and macho men. I became obsessed with this idea of the macho man, and still being a woman. What does it mean if I’m this figure, and I’m a woman? Does it make me an aberration? Is it joyful? I felt I had to address female desire and it’s diversity. How sometimes it’s blacked out or ignored. It’s still something quite suspicious or slightly dirty. I felt like it was important to be more unapologetic about that. There are hints of nights spent having sex and coming back covered in sweat. Like a male figure, the young hero who has love stories, and comes back in the morning and his friends are like: “What happened to you?” I want to be that.”



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