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Nieuwe muziek van 5 Seconds Of Summer! Zojuist verschijnt de video van hun nieuwste single: ‘Bad omens’, afkomstig van hun pas verschenen album ‘5SOS5’. “For this record, we realized if you want something done that truly represents how you feel, you’ve got to do it yourselves. We wanted that expansive sound that we naturally gravitate towards when we play together, so we had to learn how to record that,” aldus de Australiërs. O.a. de hit ‘Complete mess’ is op het album te vinden. De clip van ‘Bad omens’ is geregisseerd door de Oekraïners Alyona Shchasnaia en Danny Mitri.

“We are really proud to have worked with Ukrainian directors Danny Mitri and Alyona Shchasnaia to shoot the video for ‘Bad Omens,’” legt 5SOS uit in een statement op Instagram. “Ashton had a vision that Alyona and Mitri took and developed into the beautiful metaphorical video you see today.”

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