‘Die A Little’ van Yungblud heeft vanaf vandaag ok een video! De 22-jarige Brit, die aan de lopende band nieuwe muziek uitbrengt, schreef dit nummer voor de soundtrack van de populaire Netflix serie ’13 Reasons Why’, seizoen 3. Ook 5 Seconds Of Summer`s ‘Teeth’ is terug te vinden op deze plaat.

Yungblud: “This song is kind of Nine Inch Nails inspired, a bit Marilyn Manson-esque. This song is about the dark part of your mind, the dark parts of your way of thinking that everyone has. That everyone doesn’t understand why they have it. It’s the knot in your stomach that you wake up and the sun’s shining, and you don’t know why it’s there. But when you figure out it is there, and when you figure out there’s other people that feel the same way with you, you learn to control it. And you learn to be alright and accept it.”



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