Velvet Starlings is een nieuwe naam. Christian Gisborne, want zo heet hij eigenlijk, is de 15-jarige indie rock singer/songwriter & producer die geïnspireerd is door de sound van de sixties. Zijn nieuwe single heet “Sold Down The River” en is intussen opgepikt door een aantal grote Amerikaanse radiostations zoals Sirius XM.

“We’ve always been influenced by the way The Beatles worked their bridges in, which in some songs their middle eights are as good as the verse or chorus, for example, “We Can Work It Out,” aldus Gisborne. “Listening back to the mix it has all of the ingredients of our sound, 1960s organ riffs, guitar and group vocal stylings, but it actually has a four on floor dancy beat on chorus two and three, which wasn’t really on purpose as the song started an acoustic song and we added production around it. I feel it stands up at stripped down in live performances maybe even more as it really allows the lyrical content and ideas we are trying to get across to be easily heard.” Het nummer “Sold Sown The River” is een voorproefje van zijn EP “Velvet Starlings”.



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