Strijdlustig en rechtvaardig als altijd zet Tom Morello zich met het nummer ‘Stand Up’ in voor organisaties die zich hard maken voor gerechtigheid en gelijkheid tussen alle mensen. De virtuoze gitarist van Rage Against The Machine heeft hiervoor de hulp ingeroepen van muzikale medestanders. Die vond hij in Dan Reynolds van Imagine Dragons, zangeres en activiste Shea Diamonds en DJ-duo The Bloody Beetroots.

Morello vertelt over de prikkel die hem aanzette om dit muzikale tegengeluid te laten horen: “I grew up in the tiny lily white, archly conservative town of Libertyville, Illinois. When I was a kid, someone hung a noose in my family’s garage, there was occasional N-word calling, etc, etc. On June 6 of this year, there was a Black Lives Matter rally and march in that same town that drew over 1,000 people.

It seems that the times, they are a’changin’. I was so inspired that night, I reached out to Dan from Imagine Dragons. The Bloody Beetroots and I had conjured a slamming track and within 24 hours Dan had sent back a completed vocal. We got Shea Diamond, a Black transgender woman with a long history of activism, on the track and the coalition was complete.”

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