Na maanden van speculatie maakt Thirty Seconds To Mars nu dan echt bekend dat hun comeback aanstaande is. Vier jaar na hun laatste werk verschijnt volgende week hun nieuwe single WALK ON WATER. Aanstaande zondag speelt de band hun nummer live tijdens de MTV Video Music Awards. Frontman Jared Leto: “After four long years, hundreds of days, thousands of hours, gazillions of seconds, we have finally managed to finish a single fu**ing song. Whoever thought “soon” would actually be here “now”. With the help of groundbreaking nanotechnology, chatbots and self-driving music software, we have wrangled from the depths of our cold black hearts, some semblance of a song. If you’re still reading this press release and managed to get this far, you should probably get to work or school before you get fired or grounded. If you’re stubborn, like I am, please continue and let me share with you a few words on our brand new single, the ever so subtle and minimalist ode we tenderly call ‘WALK ON WATER’.



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