Zo! De nieuwe Foals klinkt anders dan je van ze gewend bent! “Cafe D’Athens“ is een experimentele trip in heaven. Het nummer is afkomstig van het album ‘Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost, Part 1’ en je voelt`m al aankomen……er komt een tweede deel! Die wordt verwacht in het najaar.

Frontman Yannis Phillipakis legt uit hoe de nieuwe single tot stand kwam: “‘D’Athens‘ was the outcome of me trying to teach myself how to use Logic properly. I wanted to break away from loop pedals and cassettes, which was how I was demoing stuff for the last ten years, and try and record myself in a more modern way. I stumbled across that marimba loop which threads throughout the track and ‘Cafe D’Athens’ was the result. The band jammed it acouple times, and added some bits, I worked on it in Paris separately, and used a fretless bass for the first and probably last time.”



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