The Amazons droppen het derde voorproefje van de plaat ‘Future Dust’, dat op 24 mei verschijnt. De mannen lanceren de single ‘End Of Wonder’. Over het aankomende album zegt frontman Matthew Thomson: “We were searching for a heavier sound and we found it by delving back through the blues.”

Hij vervolgt: “From Led Zeppelin, we discovered Howlin’ Wolf and immersed ourselves in his back catalogue. I read Hellfire, the Jerry Lee Lewis biography, and fell in love with the Biblical language that was used to describe his ‘devil music’. As much as the songs, it was the stories and characters that we loved. Playing boogie-woogie piano in murky clubs sounds pretty tame now, but back then, it was raw and dangerous. We wanted to capture that with a dirtier, grittier, sexier sound.”



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