Vandaag gaat de nieuwe single in première van The 1975. ‘The Birthday Party’ is een voorproefje van het album ‘Notes on a Conditional Form’, waarvan de release datum is uitgesteld naar 24 april. Na de popsound van de ‘Me & You Together Song’ is de nieuwe track een aangename mix van folk en indie met elektronische effecten.

Frontman Matty Healy meldt over de single: “There’s a song called “The Birthday Party” that’s just about the interesting social minutiae of house parties. I was gonna do a song that was like, ‘What it was like to be at a house party at 20, 25, and 29’. But then I realised I don’t need to do it, I just need to do what it’s like now, because my career has been what it’s been like to be at a house party at 20, 25, and 29. I think (the album will) be similar in the way that Brief Inquiry can be quite deconstructed – there’s big, bombastic elements to it, but it’s a very stripped, pure version of The 1975. The older we get, the more Scandi we get with it, pop-wise.”



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