Voor het eerst sinds 18 jaar  (‘Everybody Loves a Happy Ending’  was hun laatste plaat) is Tears For Fears met een nieuw album: ‘The tipping point’. Ruzie en persoonlijke ellende moesten worden getrotseerd voor Tears For Fears weer bij elkaar kwam en deze nieuwe plaat konden schrijven. We kenden al enkele songs; de titelsong ‘The Tipping point’ en ‘Break the man’. Met die laatste track staat het duo in de top tien van de Hitzound Top 40. De nieuwe single heet ‘Rivers of mercy’.

Roland Orzabal vertelt tegenover Variety: “It’s an interesting song. I think it probably has the most to do with the atmosphere of “Woman in Chains” as anything we’ve ever tried since, so that’s a lovely thing, a lovely feat to achieve.

It is strange, because it has such a calm and serene mood, but it was put together around the times of the BLM [Black Lives Matter] protests and the rage in the world. And you know, we were in lockdown number one here in England, and it coincided with the most incredible Mediterranean weather. And being sort of imprisoned in this lovely garden in the beautiful countryside of the West Country in England was amazing. But you turn on your TV, or you put on your computer, and you see all this crazy stuff going on.

So we used the sounds of the sirens and the gunshot [at the beginning of the song]. And then we evolve into this beautiful mood of redemption and forgiveness. Which is, of course, when you feel that rage, the last thing you want to do is actually forgive anyone. But unfortunately, that’s kind of the only way out, or else the rage will just continue and continue.”

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