Tash Sultana is op haar best in ‘Can`t Buy Happiness’ en guess what: het is haar nieuwe single! En die klinkt verrukkelijk psychedelisch. De Australisch singer-songwriter en multi-instrumentaliste zit ook goed in haar vel, legt ze uit: “I’m in a place right now where I’m feeling really good about everything that’s going on.” Sultana vervolgt:

“There was a bit of a moment where I wasn’t feeling worthy of where I’d gotten, or where I’m getting to. I just needed to stop and sit back, take a moment, and acknowledge and respect everything and everyone that’s become a part of the journey so far. I’ve worked really hard but sometimes it is a one in a million chance that you get to take music to a really far level. So many people have this dream of doing that, I was one of those people … But just the motion of all of what’s happened, it’s crazy.” De nieuwe video bekijk je hier.       #Brand New



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