Aussie band Sheppard is terug met een nieuwe single. Vandaag dropt de band de video voor ‘Kiss My Fat Ass’, en: it’s amazing! De schaars geklede Amy omringt zich met een aantal bekende Australiërs, zoals rapper Kaylah Truth, Paralympic silver medaille winnares Monique Murphy, activist Taryn Brumfitt en meer.

“I only had a couple of weeks to organise everything and I’m so proud of it and I’m proud of all of the women who agreed to be a part of it with me,” aldus Amy over de video. “I purposely chose women who have inspired me and women who do incredible things. I wanted to send a strong message that all bodies look different and despite what someone looks like, everyone has a story and the way they show their beauty is unique.” Sheppard brak in 2014 door met ‘Geronimo’.



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