LET YOU GET AWAY is de nieuwe single van Shaun Frank. De DJ en producer dropt de video van de track. Aan het nummer levert Ashe de vocals af. Het nummer is o.a. de opvolger van HEAVEN, een samenwerking met KSHMR en Delaney Jane, dat het schopte tot een 538 Dance Smash. Over de totstandkoming van de clip vertelt Shaun Frank aan Billboard : “Making these live videos has become one of my favorite parts of the process. I grew up playing in bands, and getting together with a bunch of great musicians to jam out the songs is just so fun. In the case of the ‘Let You Get Away’ live video, I really wanted to go all in on the live band thing. The bass line on the drop of LYGA has a bunch of dope runs, so I figured it would be cool to play live bass and then keys on the breaks. I called up my old drummer, which was really cool for both of us ‘cause we hadn’t played together in a couple years. Ashe killed the vocals as usual, and Clay Price did an amazing job directing and editing this one. I’m really stoked with how this one came out. ”


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