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Credits: BMG label

Het derde album van Rita Ora is uit! De plaat heet ‘You & I’ en de titelsong is de nieuwe singel. O.a,  ‘You only love’ (voormalig Hitzound Smash) en ‘Praising you’ (met Fatboy Slim) kwamen eerder al op singel uit. Maar liefst vijf jaar gapen tussen de release van ‘Phoenix’ en ‘You & I’. Die tijd gebruikte ze o.a. voor TV en filmprojecten, maar er was meer.

“I spent such a long time fighting to be heard over the course of my experience being in the industry, that I guess I lost a lot of confidence and a lot of hope, fell really low. And I guess when you’re at your lowest point, you can make a choice. You either kind of get back up and keep going, or you just let it consume you. And I did that. I got up. […] This album really means a lot to me. It’s like my diary of the last few years, it’s my sound and it just feels so true to me and who I am today. I think this record means something different for everyone, but from my perspective, it’s about praising your loved ones and really celebrating those relationships.”

‘You & I’ is uitgebracht op het BMG label, waar Rita vorig jaar een nieuw platencontract mee tekende.

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