Slaat Regard nogmaals toe in Nederland? De Kosovaarse DJ en producer heeft zijn nieuwe single ‘Hallucination’ uitgebracht, waarvoor hij de hulp inriep van Years & Years. Regard brak door in 2019 met ‘Ride it’, wat uitgroeide tot een internationaal succes. Engeland, Mexico en Australië; you name it en het was een hit. Vanwege het plotselinge succes van het nummer tekende Regard vervolgens bij het label Ministry of Sound.  Ook ‘Secrets’ (met Raye, 2020) en ‘You’ (met Troye Sivan & Tate McRae, 2021) werden grote hits.

Olly Alexander schreef de nieuwe track. Hij legt uit: “I wrote Hallucination with Joel Little back in 2019, I was inspired to write it when an ex lover attempted to re-enter my life. Part of me wanted to rekindle the romance but too much had changed and I was left feeling really confused. If I looked at the situation a certain way, the whole thing seemed fake, like it was all just one big illusion. You know after the dust settles and you’re like, was any of that real? That’s what inspired me to write the track, I don’t see it as an anti-love song, it’s more just a feeling I wanted to express.  I know lots of people have been burnt in relationships so hopefully they’ll relate to the lyrics. I could never find the right home for the song though, so when I heard Regard was into it and down to work on it I was so happy! I love the new sexy trippy life he’s brought to the track.”

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