Razorlight is terug! Op 26 oktober brengen frontman Johnny Borrell, gitarist David Ellis en The Pretenders’ Martin Chambers op drums het album “Olympus Sleeping” uit. De plaat is volgens Johnny “a love letter to rock n’ roll”. Over hun afwezigheid in de afgelopen tien jaar, zegt Borrell: “With Razorlight, that wasn’t happening and I wasn’t inspired for a while. I was off making world music and doing jazz and putting a lot of effort into music that was very much uncommercial and a different kind of thing. Then I had a friend who just said ‘Let’s go into the studio and just jam, see if you enjoy it’. That was about two years ago.” De band dropt vier songs tegelijkertijd van het aankomende album, waaronder de titeltrack “Olympus Sleeping”.



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