Peking Duk trapt 2019 met de Aussie favourite Jack River. Vandaag gaat hun nieuwe single “Sugar” in première! Achter Peking Duk gaan de twee DJ`s en producers Adam Hyde en Reuben Styles schuil. Ze braken in 2014 door in Australië en Nieuw Zeeland met de single “High”, dat in Australië goed was voor drie maal platina.

Peking Duk over hun nieuwe single “Sugar”: “This beat and song went through so many different lifeforms before Holly jumped on board. We’ve always loved what Jack River does and how she does it, so once she said that she loved the idea and hopped on the song, everything fit perfectly. She changed what was once a sombre melancholic skeleton of a song in to a fun, playful and sugary playground. Stoked. ❤”     #Playlist:  Brand New



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