‘Mess me up’ is de nieuwe single van Neon Trees. Vandaag gaat de video van de Amerikaanse band in première. ‘Mess me up’ is de voorbode van het 4r album ‘I Can Feel You Forgetting Me’,dat op 24 juli zal uitkomen. “‘Mess Me Up’ is the gut punch of our new album,”  aldus frontman Tyler Glenn over de single. “It’s a plea to not let the pain of a break-up linger, set to the tune of a slow dance.”  Glenn vervolgt al filosoferend: “All the questioning, the long days and nights spent wondering. I’m begging to not let it go on longer than it needs to. What I love tonally is it sounds like that one last dance on prom night before we end it all. If you’re gonna mess me up, get me addicted, ruin a few good years of my life–Act like you know me and don’t do it slow.”

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