MØ brengt vandaag de video uit van haar nieuwe single “Blur”. Het nummer van de Deense is afkomstig van haar album “Forever Neverland”. MØ meldt over haar nieuwe single: “I wrote the song in a session in Stockholm in the very end of 2016. I remember being all worn out – exhausted and jet lagged from months of traveling back and forth continents, touring in Europe and writing in Los Angeles.”

Ze vervolgt: “I thought to myself: “There’s NO WAY anything good is gonna come out of me today”, but as we started writing the song it almost felt therapeutic – like the words were pushing to come out. “Blur” is about feeling lost, and on a personal level I would be lying if I didn’t mention that this song, for me, was about feeling creatively and artistically lost in the city of all great opportunities, Los Angeles.”



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