Ken jij de nieuwe track van Kaj Melsen, aka Melsen, al? Intussen gesupporterd door een aantal grote namen uit de scene. Hardwell, Don Diablo, Nicky Romero, Lucas & Steve om er maar een paar te noemen! “Ghost’ is de titel van zijn nieuwe single.

Melsen over de track: “Ghost” is a song about the darker side of a relationship when someone feels completely invisible. The song is a collaboration between Melsen & songwriters Jeroen Sjoers, Freek van der Heide & Eke Koopman. With her enchanting voice, EKE embodies a lovely and at the same time disturbed person who is mentally stuck and feels completely ignored by her partner. Instead of hiding vulnerable in a corner, “Ghost” completely spins the other way. The story develops with spooky melodies into a true thriller scenario: “If you ignore me I will never leave you alone, you can’t hide.”



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