Marshmello slaat met zijn nieuwe single een andere weg in. De DJ en producer werkt voor ‘Biba’ samen met Pritam uit India en met Shirley Setia. Een echte Bollywood productie, gezongen in het Hindi, dus dat zal wel verkopen in India. (En daar wonen miljoenen wel heel wat mensen).

Hoe Marshmello op dit idee kwam? “I went to India for the first time ever a few years ago, and I had no clue how much it would change me. The amount of love, strength and compassion the people of India have is remarkable. I’ve never been somewhere where I felt so appreciated and loved by so many, and from that moment on, it became one of my favorite places. I always wanted to do something for the culture. When I connected with Pritam, I told him we have to do something fun together, something that makes you want to get up and dance, and I think ‘Biba’ is perfect for that.”



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