Zojuist is de akoestische video gedeeld van Lauv en Troye Sivan. Met hun single “I`m So Tired” staat het tweetal intussen genoteerd in de Tipparade. Het Nieuw-Zeelandse tieneridool Troye was eerder deze maand nog met ‘The Bloom Tour’ neergestreken in AFAS Live.

Lauv over het ontstaan van het nummer: “I had the chorus idea for “I’m So Tired” just kinda chilling on my computer from, I don’t know, the day before or something like that. Hij vervolgt: “For me, I put out all these songs that were called I Met You When I Was 18 that was all about one relationship that I romanticized over and over. I kinda was coming from this place of, “I’m so tired,” like literally I’m just tired of those songs. But at the same time, I also am very much the type of person who tortures myself and beats myself up. So we were talking about songs that you put on after you have a night out and you’re all depressed that remind you of somebody you used to be with or something like that.”



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