Kiiara heeft een nieuwe single uitgebracht. Haar kakelverse pop tune heet ‘Open My Mouth’ en werd geschreven door Ian Kirkpatrick, Amy Allen ( Halsey`s “Without Me”), Scott Harris (Shawn Mendes’ “There’s Nothin’ Holding Me Back”) en Joe London (die eerder met Fifth Harmony werkte). Vandaag verschijnt de lyric video.

Kiiara`s stament voor de nieuwe single: “Art is open for interpretation, so while some will listen to this song and relate to it based on relationships they’ve had in their lives, for me this song is about the relationship I have with myself. It feels empowering to open up and finally speak my truth, and I hope in doing so I can encourage others to let their guard down and do the same, so they don’t feel so alone and helpless.”



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