Na “Education, Education, Education & War” (2014) komt Kaiser Chiefs dit najaar met een nieuw album. De plaat heet “Stay Together” en verschijnt op 7 oktober. Voorloper wordt de nieuwe single HOLE IN MY SOUL. De track is geschreven door Alexander Burnett, Ricky Wilson, Xenomania, Vijay Mistry, Simon Rix en Nick Baines. Over het nieuwe album meldt de band: “When we finished writing the last record we realised that the most important thing to everyone is what’s going on in their lives. Their “personal politics”, and that’s what this album is about. If ‘Education, Education, Education & War’ was our protest album, then ‘Stay Together’ is our relationship album. Working with Brian Higgins brought a very different approach to song writing and recording, it was a steep learning curve but together we tried out new ideas and sounds and ended up with a new and fresh sounding record, like no Kaiser Chiefs record you have heard before.”


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