Vandaag verschijnt de nieuwe EP ‘Inner Monologue Part I’ van Julia Michaels. Eén van de songs maakte de zangeres met niemand minder dan Selena Gomez. “Anxiety”) heet de track. Ook werkt Julia op de EP met Niall Horan op ‘What Is Time”.

Julia legt aan Billboard uit hoe de samenwerking met Selena tot stand kwam: When I sent it to her, I was like, “Hey, what do you think about this?” And she was like, “This is amazing. I want to do it.” And I think this was the song that works the best for us, because it’s something we both struggle with. It’s something we’ve always talked about. It’s something that’s very relatable to both of us.

We also liked the idea of doing a song together where we’re talking about our relationship with anxiety. We’re not talking about our relationship with men or us fighting over somebody or something like that — those things that are typical duets for women. Or a female empowerment thing. This is a female empowerment thing, but it’s completely different. We’re not throwing our fists in the air, but we’re saying, “Hey, we have anxiety, but we’re okay with it.”



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