Vandaag verschijnt de nieuwe EP ‘Inner Monologue Part I’ van Julia Michaels. Eén van de songs maakte de zangeres met niemand minder dan Niall Horan. “What A Time” heet de track. Ook werkt Julia op de EP met Selena Gomez op ‘Anxiety”.

Julia legt aan Billboard uit hoe de samenwerking met Niall tot stand kwam: ‘To be honest, he’s kind of the same. He walks in, and he’s just his goofy, silly self. I can’t think of a moment where him and I aren’t laughing and being completely ridiculous with each other. We always make fun of each other for a second, then he sings his heart out, and then he’s like, “Cool, I’ll see you later.” And all of a sudden there’s this magical vocal on this song, and he sounds like a sweet baby angel.’



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