JP Saxe heeft zijn nieuwe single uitgebracht: ‘Soft landing’. Het nummer is te vinden op zijn plaat ‘The Deluxe Edition: Dangerous Levels of Introspection’. Er staan nog twee nieuwe songs op het album, namelijk ‘Love v. logic’ en ‘Hold on to me’. De Canadese zanger brak twee jaar internationaal door met ‘If the world was ending’, een duet met Julia Michaels.  In een statement zegt JP Saxe over zijn nieuwe single ‘Soft landing’:

“I spent over five years on the original version of this album, so getting to add onto it with some extra time and objectivity was very creatively freeing. I got to ask myself, ‘what parts of me feel under explored on this album, and how do I add them in?’ ‘Love v. Logic’ is about my inability to affect what I feel with what I’d prefer to feel. ‘Hold On To Me’ is about wanting to get lost in someone without losing yourself in them. ‘Soft Landing’ is about realizing everything is probably going to go to shit and there’s not much you can do about it. I wrote this song with John Ryan and Savannah Santos in about an hour. Not overthinking every little element of a song for a change, to me, made this one what it is.”

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