Ingrid Michaelson brengt vandaag haar nieuwe single uit. Aan ‘To Begin Again’ werkt niemand minder dan ZAYN mee. De track is vandaag ook binnen gekomen in de verse editie van de TIP 40.  Michaelson legt uit:  “I wrote ‘To Begin Again’ the night that Biden won. There was so much joy in my neighborhood. Pots and pans being banged out of windows. Horns and whistles. Clapping. Singing! The collective sigh of relief resonated with me in such a way that I had to get it out musically. I sat at the piano and wrote most of the song right there in 15 minutes. Sarah Aarons helped me finish it, most notably writing the second verse, and when she sang it on the demo, I knew the song had to be a duet. I love ZAYN’s voice, especially when he goes high and sweet and sad. It was the perfect fit. The song is a song of hope and of release. Of beginning again…”

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