Hunter Hayes brengt vandaag een vleugje country naar Hitzound met zijn nieuwe single “Heartbreak.” Vandaag gaat de clip in première. Het nummer, dat Hayes zelf schreef, is een voorproefje van zijn aankomende album. “I remember the day I wrote ‘Heartbreak,’ I felt relieved but also elated. I was on fire,” aldus Hayes.

“I wanted this song to turn that feeling around for people and remind them not to let someone walk out the door with your happiness and your self-worth … It’s a song about freedom. It’s a song about true honest happiness and love and how there is love for everyone. Not only are you worthy of being loved but there is somebody out there who loves you even though they haven’t met you. In the darkness of a heart breaking, I’m here to tell you there’s also a whole lotta light.”



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