HRVY is een nieuwe naam, die in 2019 hoopt door te breken. Misschien gebeurt dat wel met zijn single “I Don`t Think About You”, waarvan vandaag de video in première is gegaan. Met zijn vorige track “I Wish You Were Here” belandde de 19-jarige zanger op de playlist van BBC Radio 1. Of er een debuutalbum in de maak is?

“I definitely have enough music for one but I don’t think that’s the way music is going at the moment. I don’t want to necessarily conform to what’s supposed to happen. Some of the biggest artists in the UK are releasing albums and they’re not doing what they necessarily should be doing in the charts. A lot of people are doing better focusing on just releasing singles. We’re changing things all the time – ask me again in a couple of months and an album may be coming!”



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